The Footbed

Most of our sandal styles are made with a contoured footbed, which is specially designed with a healthy foot in mind. The footbed is the “heart” and "sole" of our sandals. We also take special care to make sure all other elements of our sandals are designed to maximize foot health. See Men's or Women's sandals for more details about our sandals.

Our footbeds are made from cork and natural leather. This combination makes them light weight and flexible, while enhancing the natural rolling motion of the foot.

The sketch below was created to accentuate the contours of the footbed. The actual transition from the low points to the raised areas is much smoother than it appears in the above sketch.

Mark's Footcare - Footbed

This next photo shows the smoother transition in the actual footbed. Some of our sandal styles have a removable contoured insole. This removable insole is not as contoured as the footbed shown above, but the sandals are ideally suited to individuals that have custom made orthopedic insoles.

Mark's Footcare - Footbed

Here is a photo showing the insole that is included with the sandals. Refer to Men's and Women's, Sandals pages for more photos showing the removable insole.

Mark's Footcare - Insole