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Two years ago I found it very difficult to stand up on my feet in the mornings. The bottoms hurt so much when I would try to stand, I would sit at the edge of the bed and do several stretches for my ankles and toes. It took awhile to get the courage to actually stand up and walk across the room. But once I warmed up my feet and got past the initial standing up and walking, the major pain went away. But I still couldn’t walk comfortably for any long period of time and standing up from a sitting position was very uncomfortable on my feet. I cried a few times to be honest. It even hurt for the weight of the blankets on my big toes.

Customer's Testimony, Orthopedic Custom Sandals, Shoes and Boots for Men and WomenI had so many mountains I still wanted to climb. So many things I still wanted to do, so many places I wanted to go. Yet going out for a walk to exercise was a painful chore, as was just going to the mall shopping, or out to get groceries. I was only in my fifties, and this was way too young to sit all the time.

I am not one to go to a doctor unless it was absolutely necessary, so after putting up with the pain for over 5 months or more, and realizing it wasn’t getting any better but only getting progressively worse, I finally went in to see him. The doctor sent me to a Podiatrist who could easily see that my arches and instep were extremely high along with other things in and on my feet. It wasn’t going to get better on its own.

The Podiatrist ordered me some orthotics There was a problem. I had only one pair of old tennis shoes that the insert would fit into. Every shoe I tried on, put pressure on the tops of my feet and toes, and caused pain. I asked the doctor if he could recommend some stores, but he said it was just a matter of finding the shoes that didn’t hurt my feet and he recommended the better shoe brands in stores like Nordstrom and the Bon. My vision was having to wear these old tennis shoes for the rest of my life, what a thought. Do you think I would be so lucky as to have a pair of tennis shoes that would last me another 30 years? Or say the company that made my tennis shoe might still carry the same style that long? Not very likely!

So I went out and I started my search for shoes. I roamed the better shoe stores, the lesser shoe stores, even a few thrift stores for used shoes already stretched out, and found nothing even close. I would have taken anything. No one had anything I could use or that I liked.

I ended up wearing the same tennis shoes all the time, and when I went out in my dress attire I would just suffer with the pain for a couple of hours or so. The minute I got back into my car, the tennis shoes went back on. I felt so frumpy and I found myself going into a bit of a depression. Self image is an important part of life.

In the year of shopping for a nice looking pair of shoes, I found a few styles, but they were very ugly and very expensive. My inserts would fit if I angled them down (they were ¾ length inserts) and cut the toe out of the other shoe. If you’re going to pay over a $100 for a pair shoes, who would want to have to cut them up? This was a mystery to me. Why didn’t anyone have any decent styles for people like me? I knew I wasn’t the only person in the whole North American continent that had this or similar problems. The inserts my doctor had ordered for me helped tremendously although they were very hard and uncompromising in shoes.

One day early last spring, while on the internet I found the Website. I looked at Marc’s Footcare and Repairs advertisement and finally hope a pair of handmade sandals that just might work for me. Summer was coming and I did not want to have to wear heavy shoes all summer long again. So I decided to take a chance, and send him an order.

Marc called me back within a day of my original order. He really cared about fitting me with the right shoe. He took the time to make sure I knew what I wanted, and he understood what I needed. After talking with me for awhile he understood where my problem areas were and the sandals I had ordered were not the ones he felt would do me the most good. So taking his recommendation I purchased the Aspen.

Within two weeks I had my sandals. They were absolutely awesome! They were perfect in every way! I wore the sandals over the summer and even went to New York City in them. I had no problems with my feet. I walked at least four hours a day, for four days. I went through Central Park a couple of times, down the hard cement sidewalks of Madison Ave, Park Ave, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and 5th Avenue. I went shopping! Something I haven’t been able to do for a very long time. My feet, aside from being just tired from walking so much (in which anyone would have experienced under the same circumstances), came through with flying colors.

A few weeks ago I went to see my Podiatrist. I told him I had found a pair sandals and I told him about my trip to New York and how I had worn them without any trouble at all. He was impressed by the sandals, making the comment the soles were softer than he had ever seen before, yet they had the arch support I really needed. Twice he mentioned how the swelling had gone down in my feet.

Marc mentioned he was making dress shoe inserts. I am looking forward to getting mine. What a blessing! It means my four hours of church each week, or going out to dinner with my husband, is going to be a little more comfortable and look a lot nicer than a pair of sandals or old tennis shoes.

So I have nothing but the best to say about Mark’s handmade sandals. He has been so helpful. Today when I see people walking down sidewalks, in the malls, playing with their children in the park, I don’t have to wish I could do it too. I may not be able to climb mountains anymore, but I can sure play with my grandkids, and walk again.

Marc’s knowledge and TLC is amazing. He really cares to fit you perfectly. His sandals are marvelous, and he wants to help you. I can personally recommend him, and I do almost everyday. Whenever I see anyone who has problems with their feet, or who is in need a good pair of shoes, I get out Marc’s card and tell them just where to go to fit the bill. I know you will not be sorry in doing business with Mark’s Footcare.


Roberta L. Doman
Puyallup, Washington USA

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Here's what I have to say about my shoes made by Mark:

I started by purchasing a pair of Heidi sandals and I loved them because they were so comfortable and they look very nice too; however, I have a high arch and I still needed more support. Marc suggested that I get a pair of custom-made insoles to put in my Heidi sandals. I purchased a new pair of shoes in the Brooke style with my custom-made insoles, and I can't stop wearing them. I wear them to work, I wear them when I go out, I wear them inside my home. I truly, truly love them because they so, so supportive. I can use my custom-made insoles to fit both of my sandals. I will buy another pair next month when I get paid, and my dream is to have a closet full of shoes that are not only beautiful but comfortable and supportive.

I want to thank you Marc for taking care of our feet.

Ana Cuevas


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